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Business Coaching

Vittatoe Consulting, LLC is an independent security management consulting firm that provides a strategic approach in helping businesses and organizations provide a safe and secure workplace for employees and customers. 

Security Expert Witness

With a special focus on hospitality security, our services include case review, expert testimony, and consultation on security standards and best practices related to security negligence and premises liability.   

Additional venues include public spaces, multi-family housing, senior living facilities, and restaurants. Providing services to both plaintiff and defense counsels.

Our professional and knowledgeable approach will provide the fair and unbiased representation that you and your client need.

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Security Consulting 

When was the last time you had a professional review of your physical security policies, procedures, environment, and culture?  Do you have concerns about the safety of your guests, employees and community?

For most companies, security assessments come up after it’s too late. They’re in the middle of a major issue, are being sued due to an unforeseen incident or there’s increase risk around their property. Don’t wait until you’re at that point to call us.

Let’s get together NOW so you can AVOID security breaches in your business!

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Security Support and Training 

Who do you turn to for that 3rd party assessment to verify compliance with your security policy and procedures, to identify vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations to mitigate risk? Do you have a trusted source that’s responsible for training?

Don’t keep relying on Google or what you catch in a passing tweet. Your approach to security needs to be strategic, ongoing and at the core of everything you do. We live this day in and day out so you don’t have to.

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Phone Consultation 


Do you need help immediately? We are available to help you with your urgent security issues, even if you’ve never had to work with a security firm.

If you’re not sure where to turn, give us a call and we’ll coach you through your issue to help you find the best solution for your situation.

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Sample Services

We will assess your individual needs in our initial consultation. Here are some of the services that we may determine make sense for your situation:

  • Hospitality and Restaurant Safety & Security
  • Forensic Consulting (Expert Witness) 
  • Security / Risk Assessments
  • Loss Prevention Services
  • Physical Security Surveys
  • Threat and Crime Analysis
  • Emergency Planning and Disaster Recovery plans
  • Crisis Management Planning and Response
  • Workplace Violence Training
  • School Security Assessments
  • Church Assessments

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