Your business is a direct reflection on you, your employees, your culture of security, and your community. Of course, you want to provide the best and safest experience to everyone. Perhaps you’ve taken a few courses, or used Google to make sure you’re covering safety basics, but what are you missing?

Have you quantified the potential dollar loss and reputational liability you have if, God-forbid, something happens? Sure, you probably have insurance, but that doesn’t cover the personal or community impact an issue can cause, nor does insurance cover the permanent damage to your brand.

Like a Rhino, Vittatoe Consulting provides you with strength, substance, and stalwart support for all your physical security needs.

Security Consulting

Are you tired of googling to try to figure out IF you have a physical security problem? Maybe you’re afraid you’ve overlooked something. We offer reasonable consulting options that are tailor-made to fit your business’ situation.

Security Expert Witness 

Are you litigating a premise liability or negligent security case? Vittatoe Consulting is a certified expert witness that specializes in premise liability and negligent security cases. We assist both plaintiff and defense counsel with and expert witness services.

Support and Training 

Who do you turn to for that 3rd party assessment to verify compliance with your security policy and procedures, to identify vulnerabilities, and provide recommendations to mitigate risk?

Independent and Certified 

You can trust that as independent experts, our counsel and consultations will remain objective. We follow industry standards and best practices and do not endorse specific security products or outside vendors. On occasion, we may seek guidance from other trusted consultants.

Having received advanced education and board certifications in Security Management (CPP) and Security Consulting (CSC) you can trust that we know what we’re talking about. We continually seek ongoing education and monitor new laws to ensure our knowledge stays current and relevant. In addition, we undertook rigorous, industry–specific training and have extensive industry experience.

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What Our Clients Say

“Vince and Vittatoe Consulting have been great to work with and Vince has a plethora of knowledge in regards to the overall Safety & Security industry. His expertise both from past “boots on the ground” experience along with his understanding of fulfilling business owners/investors’ needs allow Vittatoe Consulting to collaborate and advise best practices for our select locations. Our company and Vince both understand the priority of safe, inclusive, and holistic based approaches to help enhance property operations to satisfy all stakeholders, especially our communities. We look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Kiran Koneru

“Vince offers years of expertise from his law enforcement perspective and his corporate experience. He is uniquely qualified to offer a comprehensive risk management assessment for your security needs. From a tactical review, he can create policy: identity security measures built on your unique situation; and forge local relationships to ensure you are positioned for the best comprehensive execution.”

Pamela Monroe

“I have known Vince for years. Vince is deeply knowledgeable and expert in what he does. By having globally recognized CPP (Certified Protection Professional) certification, Vince has proven that he has met all “gold standard” in area of security management. His prior tenure as Law Enforcement Office in Dallas Police Department have demonstrated his knowledge and competency in all key domains of safety & security. It has been couple years now; we have been using his consultancy in our company. I would say, without his guidance, we would not have achieved what we have achieved thus far.”

Alex Tank

Why Work With Us?

At Vittatoe Consulting, we know that getting started and knowing what to do is important but the how is more of a challenge. We help you figure out the how and get you the results you need.

If you’re stuck in the middle of the process or worse yet, still thinking about getting started on working on your security issues, you may be too late.   

Call us for a free 30-min consultation to see if you have vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. 

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